Thoughts in the shape of words.

Month: June, 2015


Hidden from me for a while

Clouded my emotions were

Disturbed by a precence

They burst out eventually

You were the light I saw

At the end of the tunnel

And once more hope arose

A thing I haven’t had for long

The nearness of you brings

All of my thoughts to rest

And allows me to let go of

The demons holding me back

It may have been a cold night

But the sun returned once more

And wiped out the frost in me

I didn’t think that to be possible

I felt the warmth of a soul near me

I held in my hand the key to life

I wished for it to never go away

And I was once again allowed to love


There Are Two Sides Of A Border

Children playing games

Down in the street

I hear their laughs

From my fourth floor balcony

I sit there for a little while

Trying to sort things out

My mind is let loose

The church bell starts to ring

I move myself inside

Can’t help but think of innocence

How your mind is ravaged by time

The laughs disappear from the street

Childhood seems like an echo

A fire once burning freely

Only to eventually burn out

I could hear that echo today

There are those who shy away

From thinking about this

Whose home fell in flames

Whose dreams never got a chance

I can shed unlimited tears

They can not change this fact

Even if I don’t identify with happiness

I do recognize my own fortune

The privilege to be born into security

Is a gift reserved for very few

I wish all future generations this gift

No matter which side of the border they occupy


Looking into the mirror

I hardly recognize that face

Tarnished by trial and error

Everything seems so out of place

It’s a superficial time

I can’t help but feel discouraged

When we let fear govern our lives

Common sense gets put in storage

Many thoughts they come and go

Everyday I seem to worry

And I can’t change this old freak show

Because I’m just too damn weary

Perhaps the troubles at hand

Are just the way things need to be

In order to reach the promised land

Yes that journey will not be for free

As I walk the streets again

This time ’round with a place to go

I think of that big ball and chain

Chaining so many torn souls

Greed is our new monarch

The pastures of plenty are gone

Many folks are out of work

But no one wants to move on

I look to the mirror once more

I get accustomed to the sharp lines

Change can bring a lot of fear

But the only real fear is societys decline


Feeling tired

But strangely motivated

By something

A mysterious force

Of creation

Where nothing

Is what it seems 

A word can evolve

Into a sentence

A thought becomes

A new project

There’s still hope

Though it has faded

For fullfilling that destiny

That came to me in a vision

Rage and anger

Thwarted me

Finding inner peace

Shall release me

I have a new feeling

That times are heading

For the better now

Got to beware

Feelings can fool you

And give you false hope

Though I may not trust them

This time there’s no choice

But to let them roam free

In order to move on

And fullfill that destiny

Feeling empowered

By love

Not hate

And somehow

More relaxed

Than ever before

Got no time for that

Which brings me down

Or makes me angry

There has come a form

Of inner peace

There’s a wind blowing

And it needs to be sailed

I shall let go of all fears

This new hope will prevail

Trying To Relax

Foamed milk at the top please

I sat down and looked out toward the street

The door opened and I felt a breeze

Coming in as a couple sat down to eat

Damned coffee too hot to drink

Started to ponder if this place ever gets busy

For me it’s a setting where I can think

And sit for a while without feeling dizzy

Oh my goodness that sure tasted fine

Opened a newspaper that I bought earlier

Read all the way through nothing but lies

What sells today is just dirtier and dirtier

We sure live in strange times today

Threw away those false words onto another table

It’s about how loud you can be not what you have to say

I’m just trying to avoid all of their poorly written fables

No thanks I’m actually fine my friend

Finished up the coffee as quick as possible

The place is empty now and I do intend

To once more face the wind and all of lifes obstacles

Born Again

The chiming of the church bell
Woke me up and I fell
Out of bed onto the floor
Of what had happened I felt unsure

I had been delivered into a new day
By the airwaves mysterios ways
And when I sat there contemplating it all
Somewhere in the distorsion I could hear a call

A cry of sadness sent out long ago
Returned again to this weary soul
Reformed into another being
Stopped me cold that erie feeling

The memories of yesterday return
Of all the bridges no one could ever imagine burned
But they carry a weight of remembrance for me this time around
As they carry the shadow of the many dreams that have been lost and found


Sometimes you just get that break you need

And sometimes fortune is smiling upon you

And what you need may not be what you want

That’s why you have to accept how life works


It works in mysterious ways for sure

Sometimes you’re knocked down on the floor

Sometimes you get hit by the door

On your way out from the welfare office


But if you’re a grumpy cynic like me

It’s hard to believe in the wonder of life

Hard to believe that things will get better

But things always seem to find a way to change

That’s the most fundamental part of life


And for once I feel like putting the cynic in me down to sleep

For once something brings more than happiness over an evening

Yes I recognize this development, It’s all coming back to me

The smiles, the laughter and the ability to throw yourself into something unexpected

It’s a daunting walk to get there but I think I’ve taken my first steps


What brings such feelings back but the strongest of them all

It seems that everything just fell down into place for once

How I’ve hoped for something like this to come along

And I’ve been so knocked down that it seemed impossible to get up

Maybe I’m just a lucky bastard to get one more shot at living

Or maybe destiny smiled upon me this time


I’m alive and kicking, ready for another round

This time around it’s so very different though

When I was younger I believed myself to be immortal

A creature born from legend, living in the present

To say that I’m wiser may be a bit of a shame you know

But this idealistic fool is once again back in the game somehow