by alexrambler

Looking into the mirror

I hardly recognize that face

Tarnished by trial and error

Everything seems so out of place

It’s a superficial time

I can’t help but feel discouraged

When we let fear govern our lives

Common sense gets put in storage

Many thoughts they come and go

Everyday I seem to worry

And I can’t change this old freak show

Because I’m just too damn weary

Perhaps the troubles at hand

Are just the way things need to be

In order to reach the promised land

Yes that journey will not be for free

As I walk the streets again

This time ’round with a place to go

I think of that big ball and chain

Chaining so many torn souls

Greed is our new monarch

The pastures of plenty are gone

Many folks are out of work

But no one wants to move on

I look to the mirror once more

I get accustomed to the sharp lines

Change can bring a lot of fear

But the only real fear is societys decline