Thoughts in the shape of words.

Month: October, 2018

Heavy eyes

Heavy eyes

Long way home

A cold evening

Staring out the dirty window

On the tracks

Passing by

This train

Full of strange souls

Common people

Mothers and fathers

Losers and lovers

All wanting just one thing

To get home

To have a meal

To free the mind

To sleep together

To live forever

I love meeting a pair

Of heavy eyes

On the train

They all have

A story to tell

The story of

Keeping it going

Staying alive

With or without

Hope and fear

Laughter and tears

Thats all I’m looking for tonight

To look into your heavy eyes

Let them tell me a story

Keep me up until sunrise



I’ll tell you the truth in order to stay alive

I’ll fight you in order to be free

I’ll lie to you because of what I want

And I’ll make you a deal in order to feel calm for a while

I look at you because I want you with me

I am your friend but worry you’re not mine

I hate that I find it hard to truly hate

And I enjoy the way we make each other better

This is my body and soul today

A collection of thoughts

That may be defined differently tomorrow

Honesty, conflict, dishonesty, peace

Attraction, friendship, disgust, antagonism

All join together in the mind

Travel through space and time

And when they feel outdated

I stop and think of them all again