by alexrambler

Feeling tired

But strangely motivated

By something

A mysterious force

Of creation

Where nothing

Is what it seems 

A word can evolve

Into a sentence

A thought becomes

A new project

There’s still hope

Though it has faded

For fullfilling that destiny

That came to me in a vision

Rage and anger

Thwarted me

Finding inner peace

Shall release me

I have a new feeling

That times are heading

For the better now

Got to beware

Feelings can fool you

And give you false hope

Though I may not trust them

This time there’s no choice

But to let them roam free

In order to move on

And fullfill that destiny

Feeling empowered

By love

Not hate

And somehow

More relaxed

Than ever before

Got no time for that

Which brings me down

Or makes me angry

There has come a form

Of inner peace

There’s a wind blowing

And it needs to be sailed

I shall let go of all fears

This new hope will prevail