Thoughts in the shape of words.

Month: July, 2016


Awaiting the coming silence

And the emptiness

Trying to settle down

And think of something else


Attempting to clear the mind

Appreciate the solitude

It should be welcome

But now it feels like abuse


Anytime but at this instant

The silence would be cherished

Now it appears like a storm

A storm where sailors perish


In order to keep alive

The earthbound escape

The seclusion of the mind

The attempt to stay awake




Where do I go when my heart lies here

Where do I go when the future is over there

Where do I stand at the end of the day

Where do I live without running away


How does it feel to roam the unknown

How does it feel to live a life that’s your own

How does it make me into my ideal

How does it make me able to feel


When will I know where my future lies

When will the dreams I have actualize

When will the clouds in the sky disappear

When will everything seem crystal clear


If there is strength let it be shown

If there is doubt may it turn to stone

If there are dreams that do come true

If there is just a chance we can still be two




Finally getting some rest

The day has flown by

Another test

Another sigh


Staring into the light

Weakening my eyes

Can’t write

Can’t revise


Want to get some sleep

Also to pull an all-nighter

Too many thoughts

Too much of a fighter


Need to stop right now

Before I go completely insane

Now I take my bow

Now I rest my brain

Path of Destiny

I see a road ahead
That’s the dream in my head
Images of white lines
Floating by in the night

I feel a chilly breeze
Weakening my knees
Overcome by fear
Just counting the tears

These tears that I can not control
Are testing the base of my soul

I want to be set free
And face this harsh reality
I want to find that road
That can lead me home
The alchemists recipe
My path of destiny

The doubt and despair
Fills up the air
I wish for something better
For now and forever

I open my heart up
With a surgical cut
Grasping for a promise
Of a path made for me

A path that maneuvers me
To the place that I want to be

Everybody wants to be free
I’m just like everyone you see
I want to find that road
That can lead me home
The alchemists recipe
My path of destiny