New Visions And Old Trouble

Sometimes I live in the present

That’s what I strive for

Other times I try so hard not to hate

Hate only brings suffering evermore

There’s a fine line to walk

And walk it I must

This might not come as a shock

My mind is a place of terror and lust

But who do I think I am to complain

About my petty troubles

I could feel a whole lot more sane

But that’s not a thing compared to others

But I try everyday to improve

On my torn down mind

As long as I have something to prove

The hours I dream will be worth the time

I thought things would get better

That I would be transformed

I realize that I was fooled by the weather

Stuck for a while in the eye of a storm

Still I’m hanging on for this moment

I’ve got someone to hold near

Someone who’s not my opponent

And all of the time true and sincere

So I gaze towards the future again

With hope and not fear

And if your love is not in vain

You’ll be my anchor, I’ll be your mutineer