Trying To Relax

by alexrambler

Foamed milk at the top please

I sat down and looked out toward the street

The door opened and I felt a breeze

Coming in as a couple sat down to eat

Damned coffee too hot to drink

Started to ponder if this place ever gets busy

For me it’s a setting where I can think

And sit for a while without feeling dizzy

Oh my goodness that sure tasted fine

Opened a newspaper that I bought earlier

Read all the way through nothing but lies

What sells today is just dirtier and dirtier

We sure live in strange times today

Threw away those false words onto another table

It’s about how loud you can be not what you have to say

I’m just trying to avoid all of their poorly written fables

No thanks I’m actually fine my friend

Finished up the coffee as quick as possible

The place is empty now and I do intend

To once more face the wind and all of lifes obstacles