Thoughts in the shape of words.

Month: September, 2018


Some roses

In the window

Behind the curtain

I stare at them

Try to feel alive

Wishing for energy

Outside the trees sway

Tenderly in the wind

The wind I need to sail

To finish what I started

This room is my chain

Which is unbroken

Not a crack to be seen

Thoughts of betrayal

Or perhaps love

They coexist

In my mind

Over time

I fix my eyes

Again at the trees

So near

But these chains

I stare at the roses

The stalks

The flowers


The thorns

So sharp

And strong

More powerful than

The autumn wind

These awful chains

The roses do give

Life and energy

Strength and power

They crack the chains

A hole to escape through

Through the window

By the roses


This One’s For Me

A lazy day

Dreaming away

Gonna borrow a book

And waste time


Tired legs

Pain in my head

But it’s all right

Taking care of myself


Overheard the news

A situation to diffuse

But not today

Recovery of the mind


Same old coat

A bit of a sore throat

Gonna walk the streets

Gaze at some buildings


Then turn back home

Get to be alone

Enjoy my own company

Disregard most of the world


And I will feel satisfied

With all that I’ve set aside

There will come time for that

This one’s for me