by alexrambler

Sometimes you just get that break you need

And sometimes fortune is smiling upon you

And what you need may not be what you want

That’s why you have to accept how life works


It works in mysterious ways for sure

Sometimes you’re knocked down on the floor

Sometimes you get hit by the door

On your way out from the welfare office


But if you’re a grumpy cynic like me

It’s hard to believe in the wonder of life

Hard to believe that things will get better

But things always seem to find a way to change

That’s the most fundamental part of life


And for once I feel like putting the cynic in me down to sleep

For once something brings more than happiness over an evening

Yes I recognize this development, It’s all coming back to me

The smiles, the laughter and the ability to throw yourself into something unexpected

It’s a daunting walk to get there but I think I’ve taken my first steps


What brings such feelings back but the strongest of them all

It seems that everything just fell down into place for once

How I’ve hoped for something like this to come along

And I’ve been so knocked down that it seemed impossible to get up

Maybe I’m just a lucky bastard to get one more shot at living

Or maybe destiny smiled upon me this time


I’m alive and kicking, ready for another round

This time around it’s so very different though

When I was younger I believed myself to be immortal

A creature born from legend, living in the present

To say that I’m wiser may be a bit of a shame you know

But this idealistic fool is once again back in the game somehow