Thoughts in the shape of words.

Month: November, 2014


“Hate” is a strong word
I don’t like to throw it around much
People though
Use it as if the word itself
Does not carry any value
“I hate my car”
“I hate my neighbor”
“I hate everything!”
It’s a privilege to use that word
In such a lightweight manner

And when we talk about “love”
People shy away from it
It takes a lot for them
To pronounce their love for another soul
To utter the words “I love you”
Seems like the hardest thing
Because you have to think it through
It takes two to tango
And if the other cat won’t dance
You’re left standing alone in the rain

I wonder why it’s easier for Humankind
The self-proclaimed intellectuals
Of this planet
To declare a hatred
More often than love for someone
And besides
If you’ve been there
When you really hate
The world is a dark room
With no windows

If you have been there
You know it’s not a matter of life
It’s a matter of death
To those that throw around the word “Hate”
Without realizing what it really means
Beware the existence
Of true hatred
The kind that’ll kill your family
Simply because the color of your skin
Or the divinity you bow down to

I try to keep away from those thoughts
The bad ones that occupy your mind
From time to time
And love is really all you need
I heard that on the radio
And it sounded good to me
But if there’s one thing
That I truly hate with every inch of my body
It’s fucking Mondays


Wrong Choices

Molded into a train wreck

By the laws of men who were

With a noose around my neck

Gasping for one last sip of air

What if I chose wrong at the crossroads

And is forever stuck with this load

They say it’s never too late

To go back and repent

But I did choose this fate

With no idea what it meant

Sometimes I wonder what I’ve done

When I’m spending my life on the run

If you could wear my face for a while

And my coat and shoes as well

You would not cast a single smile

And you would feel this living hell

Burning you up from the inside

With nothing but fear and lies

And what is there really to it all

In these days of corruption and greed

You watch your false idols fall

To satisfy your inner needs

I can’t take part in such mass hysteria

I’ll never succumb to this wicked era

If Someday Could Just Come Soon

Aren’t we all living under pressure

Of some kind

From your partner

Or your boss

Society’s structures

Or just having to walk the dog

Everything you know can crumble in an instant

If you have this funny little thing

Called feelings

Sometimes I feel too much

When that pressure on your chest hits

Even the slightest action

Request or command

Feels like the devil himself

Tapping into your mind

Dancing on your sanity

Thrusting his pitchfork

Right into the bone

Yes, always under pressure

With no idea what to do

Just laying down on the floor

Once again

Like so many times before

Incapable of the littlest things

But what’s worst

Is the inability

To speak to those closest to you

That’s tarnishing

Trust me

And I can not help it

I can not even move

And when you try to help yourself

You fall short

Every single time

Until you lose hope

It’s just gone

I’ll go out and get it back

I will someday

If someday could just come soon