Thoughts in the shape of words.

Month: February, 2019


As time goes by

Seasons change

Nature is rearranged

Life leads to death

Death to new life

And I watch

The dials turn

With concern

Every struggle

Will be replaced

With another

Every action

Will cease to matter

In the long run

Then why

Should you bother?

You bother because

There is beauty

There is love

That matters

Right here

Right now

In this moment

Is it futile?

In the vast eternity

Yes and no

Meaning is not given

It is made

By you

And I

We’re so very small

In space

And in mind

And after all

This place

This rock

Going around

The galaxy

It’s all we’ve got

So let’s treasure it

So with every season

Every warm feeling

Every day

And every evening

Let’s create some meaning




Valentine’s Day

An hour by train with anticipation

To where the air meets the ground

A visitor from far away

The one closest to my heart

A joy hard to believe

Feels like a dream

A song from long ago

A story in black and white

To get to meet her again

To feel her close to me

Touch her body and mind

Live and let love

Laugh and cry

All the way

Happy Valentine’s Day

A Vision of The Journey

Slow moving

Easy going


For once

In the moment

Not worrying

On top

Of things

Sort of




Through fantasies

Making them

Real at last


For conversation

That is true


World turning

Finding solace

In the mind

On its own

At first

Later naked

Before an audience

In the moment

Do or die

Logos and pathos

Ride a thought

A feeling perhaps




Solitary words

Become communal

As well

Meaning is formed

A feeling of fulfillment


The journey

The long road

Paved with words




And villains


And fathers

Time slows

To a stop

The way ahead

Is clear

Time to come

Is now




The road

Is clear

The journey

Needs a hero


Strolling and contemplating

Walking down the boardwalk

With the sun in my eyes

Listening to the parrots talk

Looking for some good advice


Moving down to the water

Touching the smooth sand

Praying at nature’s altar

To give me a helping hand


I keep on roaming

Through some narrow streets

Searching for a moment

Something devoid of deceit


Fear of never returning

To who I used to be

Is slowly stirring

And I feel like a nobody


Dreaming of a life that’s free

Where there’s no more doubt

Of where I’m supposed to be

Or when I should get out


So I tend to my vices again

The old ways to trick the mind

To refrain from the mundane

To leave the world behind


And when I free my soul

Everything seems so clear

When you lose control

There’s no time for fear





Hopelessness turning around

Waking up late

Every morning

Contemplating my fate

Every evening

Trying to be

What you’re supposed to be

Failing every step of the way


Bad decisions

All day long

A mental prison

Chained forever

Want to break free

From these harsh realities

Realizing it’s not possible


Laying down

To rest once again

A feeling so profound

Tearing me out of sleep

A glimmer of hope

Comes to me again

This time I’ll change


Standing up

Feelings explode within

A drink from a simple cup

Rejuvenates the soul

I take charge

The wheels turn

And hopelessness turns around