Thoughts in the shape of words.

Hungry for more

An entire library in my mailbox

Kitchen’s filled with dishes

There ain’t no bread in the breadbox

The left overs smell suspicious

Floor’s so dusty I can’t remember the color

Windows blend into the walls

Can’t uncover a single dollar

What happened last night I can’t recall

Looking out at the grey autumn sky

The body seems stuck to the couch

Anything left in that bottle of rye

Or perhaps in the tobacco pouch

Moments flash before my eyes

Vague old hazy memories

Can’t tell if they’re truth or lies

Treachery or treasury

If there was just a tiny spark

Something to hold on to

A ship on which to embark

Ideas worth seeing through

I’d sail that sea to the end of the world

Stop worrying about the daily grind

Use everything I’ve learned

Be the master of my own design


Awaiting the Slow Revival

The rain eases down slowly

Outside this old villa

The creaking of the wooden floor

The sleeping dogs by the sofa

A box of tobacco on the table

Icons on the walls

Books on the shelf

A swallow flies by

As she falls asleep beside me

In her old home


Coltrane plays some notes

Death arrives soon

Where shall we be

When the winds get heavy

And lust is conquered

By instincts of mortality


At the end of summer

The darkness creeps in

The cold air mingles

With warm cups of coffee

And yet again we prepare

For time to be shared

In our temple of survival

Awaiting the slow revival


The last tired leaf

In the final days

Of the season of life

Still hanging on

Not very strong

Awaiting a slow death

Lying dormant for a long time

Before the miracle

Of resurrection

Of new life

And the things

That matters

The joy of light

The glasses that shatter

In the never ending night

That time will come

Just pull through

The dark night

And cold days

Death leads to life

That is the order of things

As it was

A long time ago

So shall we be resurrected

The Spoken Word, the Open Mind

Stand your ground

Speak your mind

Especially when

Facing different views

It’s the only way to learn

The only way to evolve

Embrace the argument

Thrive in the conversation

It’s too easy just yelling

Too easy not listening

You might miss something

You never thought about

When the free word suffer

The ceiling crashes down

You don’t have to agree

You just need to listen

And stand your own ground

When you’re convinced

But never fail to think twice

When hearing a valid point

You may think you’d won the fight

But even a fool is sometimes right

Across the Borderline

One foot in the moment

And one in the past

One hand serves a master

And the other is free at last


One leg moving forward

The other standing still

Some thoughts stand firm

And others bow to your will


One step to the right

A few to the left

You try to walk the path

That seems to you the best


One eye on the road

Another on the price

You try not to stumble

And find your way to paradise


All it takes is your will

In a quest to redefine

To move your body

Across the borderline



The Balancing Act of Honesty and Lies

This format is one I rarely work in, the text is more of a column/piece that you would find in a newspaper. It’s mostly a stream of consciousness regarding truth and lies, and what it means to be a human dealing with it.

”To live outside the law you must to be honest.” – Absolutely Sweet Marie, Bob Dylan 1966

Honesty is a matter difficult to grasp. Is it a rule to live by? Is it something used only when the sole benefactor of it is yourself? Is it always inherently good, can it be evil? Trying to understand the entire spectrum between truth and lies can be both logically and emotionally complex. This complexity, to be mild, is something you’re troubled with every day. You need to lie or be honest to everyone you meet, even if you lie in bed locked up for a day you still have to do this to yourself. Of course, the easiest thing in the world would be to approach life by constantly lying to yourself, then you would never have to take responsibility for your actions since they can always be blamed on someone else. Therefore, there is some value to honesty, not only for yourself but for society as a whole. I don’t think it’s controversial to say that society as a whole needs more productive members, rather than couch potatoes. Although, I would be the first to admit how nice it can be taking a day off sometimes. So, when honesty has a value that, from this view, makes you a functioning, productive individual and citizen, it is a subject to be examined with interest. However, as stated earlier, honesty is just one side of the truth (yes, I did). Honesty lies on a spectrum ranging to lies. To describe actions in terms of honesty and lies must be done with the utmost carefulness. An action is not one hundred percent honest or dishonest, it does in fact exist on a spectrum. To illustrate this, imagine yourself in an interrogation at the police station. The situation is as follows:

You’re being interrogated on the grounds of withholding information regarding the disappearance of your friend who is wanted for murder. You know that your friend is innocent because this murder was committed when you two were at your home watching bad movies. No one else can confirm this, and there is no evidence proving you two were together. However, your friend is sure they’re being framed. You know that your friend did not do it since you were in their company. Now, your friend is hiding in a safe place, you know where. To lie to the police in this situation is not an inherently evil action. Though, you could say that being honest and turning your friend in would be proper procedure, your friend will be protected by the judicial system, if they’re not guilty, they will be acquitted. However, if your friend has forcefully begged you not to reveal their location to anyone, not even the police, if you accept, you will have to be honest or lie to your friend as well. If you’re honest to the police and reveal your friend’s location, you’re being dishonest to your friend for revealing where they’re hiding, and vice versa.

In this situation of the interrogation you are faced with an action of truth or lie, and it affects being honest or dishonest to your friend. Perhaps you regard your moral judgement just as important as that of the judicial system? A lot of us would. By telling the police a lie you may feel like you’re protecting your friend who is innocent and taking a moral high ground. The moral high ground can be just that, the peak of just action. However, it’s very easy to think you’re on it when you’re actually not. Morality is often tied to just action via truthfulness and when actions can be both honest and dishonest, as in the example, it is a great claim to make, to take the moral high ground.

If you lie in this situation, there could be outside factors not to your knowledge. The lie could lead to unexpected consequences you could not have imagined. What if by lying to the police and being honest with your friend, leads to a tragic situation that is disadvantageous for the same? This illustrates the spectrum of truth and lies, honesty and dishonesty. If an action can be both at the same time, it is not a question of a black or white phenomenon. In order to navigate this spectrum, it is necessary to be humble and not to claim a moral high ground when talking about honesty and lies. In fact, I’d like to return to your everyday life. When faced with lying to yourself, there is a possibility of doing it as a defense mechanism, to protect you from a breakdown so hard you wouldn’t function for a while. In this case the lie to yourself might be good for you in the short run. If you were to be better off in the long run though, you would have to be honest with yourself though.

So how do you know when lies are justified, in what situation to be honest, is the truth holy? To be of an opinion which deliberately is dishonest can be a morally questionable action to say the least. However, if the lie you’re telling is something you’ve, let’s say, invented to help you handle a hard situation which is out of your control. Even if you are lying to yourself there might be a value attributed to this lie, just as value can be attributed to honesty. This would mean that in order to find where on the spectrum between honesty and dishonesty you lie, you would subtract the value of truthful- and dishonest actions and reach a sum. Since this is not mathematics, we’re not talking about absolute numbers, but if you weigh your actions against each other you would probably be interested of having the honest part of the scale heavier. And this is just where the core of the matter lies. There is a reason to strive for honesty, but it may not be appropriate or the best action in certain situations, a situation may also be about lying to yourself which makes being honest extremely hard. So, if you fail at being honest, there is no reason to beat yourself down. The important thing is to aim for an overweight of honesty and truthfulness, and not the other way around. In fact, life is much about balancing this scale, if you can find a balance that does not shift a lot, you might find that life turns out more balanced as well.

Face Yourself

These morning hours

Searching for power

To fulfill your dreams

Make up new schemes

And isn’t it so strange

How feelings rearrange

From one day to the next

Leaves you perplexed

And time passes so fast

When you need it relaxed

You can’t keep up with it

So you simply submit

An hour becomes a day

And you just stray away

Into a place of solace

Keeping out the silence

That’s your antagonist

And it always persists

This feels like the true enemy

But following doubt is clarity

The quietness is not wicked

It’s yourself that’s omitted

From thinking clearly

You’re not treated unfairly

And you realize at last

You’re afraid of the past

Of the ghosts in your mind

You thought you left behind

And you silence the silence

Disturb the fragile balance

With sound and vision

This lie of omission

So face yourself again

All of yesterday’s pain

It’s the only honest way to go

You need to wear your shadow

Time to Act

It’s time to act

End the neglect

Work for the purpose

Find the spark

Light the fire

Out for too long

Fire up the engine

Maximum attention

To detail

And quality

It sure is time

For study



And evolution

Time to create

Something magical

Never before seen

In anyone’s dreams

Turn insignificance

Into the past

And sculpt a statue

Of ideas and drive

Wind and fire

And it will be

A creation set free

Never finished or done

Compared to none

Transcending these words

And all that came before

A phenomenon

A force of nature

It’s all or nothing

No more rushing

Yes, it’s time

To begin the creation

Let loose the imagination



As time goes by

Seasons change

Nature is rearranged

Life leads to death

Death to new life

And I watch

The dials turn

With concern

Every struggle

Will be replaced

With another

Every action

Will cease to matter

In the long run

Then why

Should you bother?

You bother because

There is beauty

There is love

That matters

Right here

Right now

In this moment

Is it futile?

In the vast eternity

Yes and no

Meaning is not given

It is made

By you

And I

We’re so very small

In space

And in mind

And after all

This place

This rock

Going around

The galaxy

It’s all we’ve got

So let’s treasure it

So with every season

Every warm feeling

Every day

And every evening

Let’s create some meaning



Valentine’s Day

An hour by train with anticipation

To where the air meets the ground

A visitor from far away

The one closest to my heart

A joy hard to believe

Feels like a dream

A song from long ago

A story in black and white

To get to meet her again

To feel her close to me

Touch her body and mind

Live and let love

Laugh and cry

All the way

Happy Valentine’s Day