There Are Two Sides Of A Border

by alexrambler

Children playing games

Down in the street

I hear their laughs

From my fourth floor balcony

I sit there for a little while

Trying to sort things out

My mind is let loose

The church bell starts to ring

I move myself inside

Can’t help but think of innocence

How your mind is ravaged by time

The laughs disappear from the street

Childhood seems like an echo

A fire once burning freely

Only to eventually burn out

I could hear that echo today

There are those who shy away

From thinking about this

Whose home fell in flames

Whose dreams never got a chance

I can shed unlimited tears

They can not change this fact

Even if I don’t identify with happiness

I do recognize my own fortune

The privilege to be born into security

Is a gift reserved for very few

I wish all future generations this gift

No matter which side of the border they occupy