Thoughts in the shape of words.


A vibration in the air

As the sun beats down

On the leafless tree

In the yard


A sound from the tracks

Running through the forest

Train cars speeding

Away from the city


My mind starts to shake

At that same frequency

Picking up the signals

Airbound notes


My body starts to move

Vibrations in the bones

Turning me on

To dreaming


Pictures of fallen heroes

Returning one last time

Vibrations of hope

Through the air




Chained to a Memory

I used to be so happy

That I found my destiny

But every day that lingers on

I feel more empty


There’s a lot of doubt inside me

That never used to be

Could it be my restless soul?

Or am I chained to a memory


Chained to

Chained to

Chained to a memory

Chained to

Chained to

The fate which would never be

I hear a wretched melody

Chained to a memory

Chained to a memory


Tomorrow don’t seem so bright

Yesterday’s out of sight

The only thing that seems real

Are the dreams of past twilight


I miss the past sensuality

Of the nights when we were free

And I just can’t let go of those

I’m chained to a memory


Chained to

Chained to

Chained to a memory

Chained to

Chained to

The fate which would never be

I hear a wretched melody

Chained to a memory

Chained to a memory

Again and again

The realization of disaster

Coming at you so fast

Emotions running hot

Lying wide awake at night

Just trying to make some sense

Out of the conflicts

And the extraordinary words

Where the path strayed

If the path ever was true

If the past becomes the present

In an never ending loop

Just when it felt like progress

Time reaches ’round to strangle you

To make every last bit of air

Evaporate from your lungs

And you’re back in that moment

When the world falls apart

Not even a tear mustered

Just emptiness

Over and over

Again and again


This place was cluttered

Now the mess is gone

It made me feel downhearted

But I’ve come back strong

I didn’t fix it for me

Just preparing for company

Amazing, the light it brings

Making space for friends, clearing out things

I Could Never Forget

So, here’s one for you. This was written on January 25, 2011. That makes it 6 years old. I’ve finally found the missing piece of the original document so, here it is. I did some slight editing from the original text, but this is a treasure for sure. Well, for me anyways.


Wait for me I’m coming down

Down To the river

I’ve just gotta’ get my coat

You know the rain it makes me shiver

And I think about that time

The time that we first met

You know I could never forget


I see the boats sailing by

And I’m wondering where they’re going

Maybe to some foreign land

Perhaps going out for some meeting

And I remember the first time I kissed you

The only kiss I’ll never regret

You know I could never forget


And then we walk up on that path

That leads to my old house

You say you gotta’ go home

Those words they feel like ice

One look in your blue eyes

Gives me shivers down my neck

Your love I could never forget

Pulling Through

When your hopes are down

And you can’t get up

Your mind’s just stuck

And you’re all out of luck

And suddenly you find

Someone to share your time

Turn your feelings around


Those rare moments

Are what I live for

Without those moments

I’d never get out the door

I’d be stuck with myself again

With my mental hurricane


So when your hopes are down

And you’re not pulling through

You’ve smoked a pack

To avoid a panic attack

That’s when you cling

To whatever life will bring

For you to make it through


When those moments

Come around again

I make the most of them

Dealing with the insane

Revival through conversation

Punching through the isolation

On Nights Like These

I was walking down main street

Where the people move

Where the light falls free


There was a rhythm coming at me

From inside the old bar

From the stage of dreams


On nights like these

When the moon is high

Where strangers meet

Please let life exist

On nights like these


I’m still in love with the idea

Of the living night

Of getting what’s needed


If I could own that feeling

Come to me please

Come night, come healing


On nights like these

When the moon is high

Where strangers meet

Please let life exist

On nights like these


One of these days

And it won’t be long

I’ll hear that rhythm

I’ll hear that song

All of the time

And I pray it’s soon

So I wish upon the moon


On nights like these

When the moon is high

Where strangers meet

Please let life exist

On nights like these



In the crowd

They look at me

I try to figure out why

I move up a flight of stairs

And look down at the faces

They look so strange to me

I have to get out

Get some air

Get away from the faces

Find some peace

And quiet


I open the balcony door

And move out

The air chills my bones

No faces here

Only this vessel

And the stars

So far away

But closer than any face

More vivid than anyone

I take a deep breath

Wish upon the stars

Get back inside


I move

So swiftly

Down the hallway

Avoiding the faces

I open the last door on the left

A small room with only a bed

And not a single face in sight

I sit down on the bed

Suddenly the door opens

And there is a face

Just like mine

“Please, sit down”

Fallen Angels

Fallen angels

I heard those words

Long ago

To a melody

And I just didn’t know

What they ment

Not what they ment for others

But what they ment for me


Like leaves on the ground

Beutiful in their death


Like the ones from scripture

Mythical beings

What did it mean

That simple combination

Of words

Fallen angels

When leaves fall

It signals change

Change for better

Or for

You know



I’ve always believed in that

Change that is

Always on the move

Until that day

When that change

Ment something more

All of a sudden

There was a hole

That will never be filled

And the scriptures

Came alive

I miss them

Every day

Those fallen angels

May their memory guide me

May I use their wisdom

And may those fallen angels

Always change me to the better

Standing by a Crossroad

-This is from my old notebook collection of assorted writings. I found a few old notebooks when I was visiting my father and this particular collection of words dates back to somewhere between late 2013 and early 2014, I think. When this was written a lot was happening around me and these words are something like a stream of consciousness regarding where you are going and what you are doing with your life.


You never said you didn’t know

What was going through my mind

I guess I’m just kinda’ slow

In letting others know what I find


Even as I keep on moving

It’s hard to comprehend

What is this wicked doing

Coming from around the bend


By my side there’s countless others

Whom also have been down

Many sisters and brothers

They are redemption bound


There’s something I must tell you

Something that’s been haunting me

I’ve been acting like a fool

Doing things you can’t believe


I’ve been looking back now

For quite some time

And I can’t figure out how

Just how I burned every dime


When I tell you it’s a pain

You’d better believe it’s true

I was hijacking my brain

Always walking with ragged shoes


So now I’m pledging to you

To help me start on another road

Someday it will be true

I’ll walk tall without my load


And I find hope in the little things

In the dawn of a new day

In the most spirited workers

Toiling their lives away


Now I seek your guidance

Asking you to assist

Pull me out of this deadly dance

Walk me out of the mist


I’m standing by a crossroad

Can’t decide where to turn

On my back’s a heavy load

Of all the bridges that I’ve burnt


It’s a sad story to be true

A bitter twisted tale

Something rightfully reserved by few

To live it and then walk away


I’ve sung with the choir of despair

I’ve travelled across the river of death

I’d tell you where I was going but I dont’t know where

I’m stopping soon to catch my breath