I Could Never Forget

by alexrambler

So, here’s one for you. This was written on January 25, 2011. That makes it 6 years old. I’ve finally found the missing piece of the original document so, here it is. I did some slight editing from the original text, but this is a treasure for sure. Well, for me anyways.


Wait for me I’m coming down

Down To the river

I’ve just gotta’ get my coat

You know the rain it makes me shiver

And I think about that time

The time that we first met

You know I could never forget


I see the boats sailing by

And I’m wondering where they’re going

Maybe to some foreign land

Perhaps going out for some meeting

And I remember the first time I kissed you

The only kiss I’ll never regret

You know I could never forget


And then we walk up on that path

That leads to my old house

You say you gotta’ go home

Those words they feel like ice

One look in your blue eyes

Gives me shivers down my neck

Your love I could never forget