Thoughts in the shape of words.

A Vision of The Journey

Slow moving

Easy going


For once

In the moment

Not worrying

On top

Of things

Sort of




Through fantasies

Making them

Real at last


For conversation

That is true


World turning

Finding solace

In the mind

On its own

At first

Later naked

Before an audience

In the moment

Do or die

Logos and pathos

Ride a thought

A feeling perhaps




Solitary words

Become communal

As well

Meaning is formed

A feeling of fulfillment


The journey

The long road

Paved with words




And villains


And fathers

Time slows

To a stop

The way ahead

Is clear

Time to come

Is now




The road

Is clear

The journey

Needs a hero



Strolling and contemplating

Walking down the boardwalk

With the sun in my eyes

Listening to the parrots talk

Looking for some good advice


Moving down to the water

Touching the smooth sand

Praying at nature’s altar

To give me a helping hand


I keep on roaming

Through some narrow streets

Searching for a moment

Something devoid of deceit


Fear of never returning

To who I used to be

Is slowly stirring

And I feel like a nobody


Dreaming of a life that’s free

Where there’s no more doubt

Of where I’m supposed to be

Or when I should get out


So I tend to my vices again

The old ways to trick the mind

To refrain from the mundane

To leave the world behind


And when I free my soul

Everything seems so clear

When you lose control

There’s no time for fear





Hopelessness turning around

Waking up late

Every morning

Contemplating my fate

Every evening

Trying to be

What you’re supposed to be

Failing every step of the way


Bad decisions

All day long

A mental prison

Chained forever

Want to break free

From these harsh realities

Realizing it’s not possible


Laying down

To rest once again

A feeling so profound

Tearing me out of sleep

A glimmer of hope

Comes to me again

This time I’ll change


Standing up

Feelings explode within

A drink from a simple cup

Rejuvenates the soul

I take charge

The wheels turn

And hopelessness turns around

The Wanderer

From rain to sun

From cold to warm

I travel to a foreign country

Into my soul as well

To a place where I can be set free

A place to satisfy my needs


From one east coast to another

New old streets to discover

I wander aimlessly through town

Gaze at the buildings for hours

In love with this city of dreams

Where the ocean truly gleams


I’m a wanderer

In search of the unknown

Always on the move

All alone

Moving through the universe

Out of time

And space


Fear turns to hope

What’s lost is known

I feel that sense of adventure

That I came to find

All of those long lost days

Have summoned me to this place


I’m a wanderer

Moving from town to town

Always on the move

Sometimes alone

Moving through the universe

Out of time

And space


Home becomes a prison

The silence makes me listen

To the voices in my tired mind

And the urges in my worn body

Telling me I’ve got to sail away

Search for a new place, a new day


I’m a wanderer

Searching up and down

Always on the move

But not alone

One with the universe

With time

And space

Heavy eyes

Heavy eyes

Long way home

A cold evening

Staring out the dirty window

On the tracks

Passing by

This train

Full of strange souls

Common people

Mothers and fathers

Losers and lovers

All wanting just one thing

To get home

To have a meal

To free the mind

To sleep together

To live forever

I love meeting a pair

Of heavy eyes

On the train

They all have

A story to tell

The story of

Keeping it going

Staying alive

With or without

Hope and fear

Laughter and tears

Thats all I’m looking for tonight

To look into your heavy eyes

Let them tell me a story

Keep me up until sunrise


I’ll tell you the truth in order to stay alive

I’ll fight you in order to be free

I’ll lie to you because of what I want

And I’ll make you a deal in order to feel calm for a while

I look at you because I want you with me

I am your friend but worry you’re not mine

I hate that I find it hard to truly hate

And I enjoy the way we make each other better

This is my body and soul today

A collection of thoughts

That may be defined differently tomorrow

Honesty, conflict, dishonesty, peace

Attraction, friendship, disgust, antagonism

All join together in the mind

Travel through space and time

And when they feel outdated

I stop and think of them all again


Some roses

In the window

Behind the curtain

I stare at them

Try to feel alive

Wishing for energy

Outside the trees sway

Tenderly in the wind

The wind I need to sail

To finish what I started

This room is my chain

Which is unbroken

Not a crack to be seen

Thoughts of betrayal

Or perhaps love

They coexist

In my mind

Over time

I fix my eyes

Again at the trees

So near

But these chains

I stare at the roses

The stalks

The flowers


The thorns

So sharp

And strong

More powerful than

The autumn wind

These awful chains

The roses do give

Life and energy

Strength and power

They crack the chains

A hole to escape through

Through the window

By the roses

This One’s For Me

A lazy day

Dreaming away

Gonna borrow a book

And waste time


Tired legs

Pain in my head

But it’s all right

Taking care of myself


Overheard the news

A situation to diffuse

But not today

Recovery of the mind


Same old coat

A bit of a sore throat

Gonna walk the streets

Gaze at some buildings


Then turn back home

Get to be alone

Enjoy my own company

Disregard most of the world


And I will feel satisfied

With all that I’ve set aside

There will come time for that

This one’s for me


I’m Stuck

I’m sad and blue

Just because of you

I’m stuck with a feeling

That won’t let go


I’m torn between worlds

As one who always yearns

I’m stuck with reality

That’s not good enough


Is it right if it’s real?

Is it wrong to feel?

I’m stuck with this hole

I hoped would be full


Is it true what they say?

True love finds a way

I’m stuck with doubt

Tearing me apart


I’ve been hoping for so long

To right my wrongs

I’m stuck with failure

I never seem to learn


And if this is how it must be

In order to be somewhat free

I’m stuck with a tragedy

Two different paths of doubt


Alas I sail again towards the horizon

Seeking again to be enlightened

I’m stuck a with pain so severe

Hoping to choose the right path

The spell

A long shower

A breath of fresh air

Some smiling faces

To get me there


The shining sun

The smell of grass

A bright tomorrow

Forget ’bout the past


A time of wonder

Some new ideas

The books on the shelf

I set them free


And I believe again

In the small wonders

In the change inevitable

And the spell we’re under