Strolling and contemplating

by alexrambler

Walking down the boardwalk

With the sun in my eyes

Listening to the parrots talk

Looking for some good advice


Moving down to the water

Touching the smooth sand

Praying at nature’s altar

To give me a helping hand


I keep on roaming

Through some narrow streets

Searching for a moment

Something devoid of deceit


Fear of never returning

To who I used to be

Is slowly stirring

And I feel like a nobody


Dreaming of a life that’s free

Where there’s no more doubt

Of where I’m supposed to be

Or when I should get out


So I tend to my vices again

The old ways to trick the mind

To refrain from the mundane

To leave the world behind


And when I free my soul

Everything seems so clear

When you lose control

There’s no time for fear