by alexrambler


In the crowd

They look at me

I try to figure out why

I move up a flight of stairs

And look down at the faces

They look so strange to me

I have to get out

Get some air

Get away from the faces

Find some peace

And quiet


I open the balcony door

And move out

The air chills my bones

No faces here

Only this vessel

And the stars

So far away

But closer than any face

More vivid than anyone

I take a deep breath

Wish upon the stars

Get back inside


I move

So swiftly

Down the hallway

Avoiding the faces

I open the last door on the left

A small room with only a bed

And not a single face in sight

I sit down on the bed

Suddenly the door opens

And there is a face

Just like mine

“Please, sit down”