Fallen Angels

by alexrambler

Fallen angels

I heard those words

Long ago

To a melody

And I just didn’t know

What they ment

Not what they ment for others

But what they ment for me


Like leaves on the ground

Beutiful in their death


Like the ones from scripture

Mythical beings

What did it mean

That simple combination

Of words

Fallen angels

When leaves fall

It signals change

Change for better

Or for

You know



I’ve always believed in that

Change that is

Always on the move

Until that day

When that change

Ment something more

All of a sudden

There was a hole

That will never be filled

And the scriptures

Came alive

I miss them

Every day

Those fallen angels

May their memory guide me

May I use their wisdom

And may those fallen angels

Always change me to the better