Gazing Out

by alexrambler

I gaze upon the settling sun
For a moment I can unwind
Just sit down and cool off
After a long day with a tortured mind

If there is salvation here
I sure can’t find none
Confined in this cage
This prison that I shun

I dream of the universe
Such a strong dose of reality
When you realize your size
You realize your inability

There are ways to escape
This I must believe
Without my inner spirit
I’d lose my dignity

No I’m not one for mediocrity
When I work, I work hard
But there’s so much more to be found
You just got to get around

I’d sail across the ocean
Just to find another side of me
Something new to discover
And new places to see

But what good is an escape
If you don’t know where to start
I guess it all comes down
To that feeling in your heart

That sudden notion of an idea
Is what leads you into wondering one day
What am I accomplishing right here
Could perhaps come to fruition if I go away

I can hear that whistle a-coming
That train coming up around the bend
But I’m stuck in this twilight zone
I can’t tell you where I’ll end up in the end

But I won’t be traveling towards sorrow
I’ll find a path paved with gold
And i won’t settle for the silver
I swear I’ll struggle ’til I get old

I’m just looking for a break
So my route can be seen clearly
Getting out of the mist now
With my body so weary

Perhaps someone to wake up with
Someone to share my time
And maybe stand beside me
When we would make our climb

Still I’m just that old dreamer
With my morale and my ideals
Maybe something will happen
And perhaps nothing will

Now as i gaze upon the night
I think of others with needs
I find it hard to find serenity
When there’s so many people to feed