Thoughts in the shape of words.

At This Time

Sittin’ on top of a hill
Satisfied with my inner will
Easily done
In this moment
On this run

Down in the same old valley still
Kepping up my inner spirit
Don’t need no gun
Throw my weapons away
For this run

At this moment
At this time
I feel fine
At this time
I’m alive
Alive and vell

In this city you can die a little
But I won’t be the one feeling bitter
Hard times come
Don’t worry me none
On this run

At this moment
At this time
I feel fine
At this time
I’m alive
Alive and well

And should I stumble upon a shade of blue
I’d just put on my plain old shoes
And walk on
And get things done
Yeah, just walk on

Walk on until you find your missing piece
Until your mind’s at ease
You can’t change what’s been
Or wipe away
All the things
That you have seen

Here today in this moment
With this urge to follow
To the end and on
My friends
On this run

At this moment
I feel fine
At this time
I’m alive
And well
And well
And well


Asking For Directions

I never said, I didn’t know

What was going through my mind

I guess I’m just kinda’ slow

In letting others know what I find


Even as I keep on moving

It’s hard to comprehend

What is this evil doing

Coming from around the bend


By my side there’s countless others

Whom also have been down

I’d just like to tell them

That they are redemption down


There’s something, I must tell you

Some thing’s been haunting me

I’ve been acting like a fool

Doing things you can’t believe


You know, I’ve been looking back now

For quite some time

And it’s hard to figure out

Every single burned dime


When I tell you it’s a pain

You’d better believe it’s true

I was hijacking my brain

Always walking with ragged shoes


So now I’m pledging to you

To help me outta’ this old road

Someday, it shall come true

I’ll walk tall carrying my load


And I find hope in the little things

In the dawn of a new day

In the most spirited workers

Toiling their life away


I’m a-seeking some guidance

Asking someone to assist

To help me out of this deadly dance

Walk me out of this thick mist


I’m standing by a crossroad

Can’t decide where to turn

On my backs a heavy load

Of all the bridges that I’ve burnt


It’s a sad story to be true

A bitter, twisted tale

Something reserved by a few

To live it and then walk away


Now I can hear that echo of despair

And I travel simply to forget

I’d tell you where I’m going but I don’t know where

I’m stopping soon to catch my breath