Face Yourself

These morning hours

Searching for power

To fulfill your dreams

Make up new schemes

And isn’t it so strange

How feelings rearrange

From one day to the next

Leaves you perplexed

And time passes so fast

When you need it relaxed

You can’t keep up with it

So you simply submit

An hour becomes a day

And you just stray away

Into a place of solace

Keeping out the silence

That’s your antagonist

And it always persists

This feels like the true enemy

But following doubt is clarity

The quietness is not wicked

It’s yourself that’s omitted

From thinking clearly

You’re not treated unfairly

And you realize at last

You’re afraid of the past

Of the ghosts in your mind

You thought you left behind

And you silence the silence

Disturb the fragile balance

With sound and vision

This lie of omission

So face yourself again

All of yesterday’s pain

It’s the only honest way to go

You need to wear your shadow