The Feeling

by alexrambler

There was a feeling I used to have

On the good days

Didn’t happen very often

But when it did

It felt like I could do anything

Take the whole world on by myself


I’ve had other feelings lately

But not that unique one

Then all of a sudden

The snow fell down

I felt a chill down my spine

And the feeling appeared again


A temporary moment of clarity

Or perhaps insanity

I don’t really care

Either way works

What does matter is the feeling

And the raw power it gave me


I have always worried a lot

Looking at the horizon

Daydreaming out the window

Trying to forget

That feeling’s what kept me alive

Through many a rough times


The near memory of the feeling

Is more than enough

To keep the old engine going

Down the road

I never knew how much I needed this

And it revitalizes the hope I’ve always needed