From Time to Time

by alexrambler

I went and picked up my guitar

The new one

The red one

I don’t get along with the old one anymore

The black one

At least not today

I wonder why that is

Suddenly it doesn’t sound half bad

The magic power of change


Last week I started reading a couple of books

Been sitting on the shelf for a while

French author

I think I get along with him

And his sequence of events

Old and new

These stories have waited for me

On a whim I picked them up

I feel honest when I read them


But tonight I’m not reading

Just sitting around

Worrying about


And thinking about

Lunar eclipses

And trying to play that damned guitar

The new one

Now it’s starting to work against me

They do that

Every so often


The light in this room

Strangles your eyes

I wonder

Has it always been this way?

I should get a new lamp

But then again

It would just shine


For a while

Before it too would work against me


I look across the room

Illuminated by bad light

Is the black guitar

The old one

I put the red one down

The new one

Back in black

Suddenly the light

Doesn’t seem that bad

Suddenly the notes I play

Sound like music to my ears

I feel rejuvenated

Change can do that

From time to time