Peace Of Mind

by alexrambler

I woke up one morning
As a new day was forming
And I thought of the past yet again

I thought of those times
When we balanced on that line
That was so very easy to bend

Back then it was so easy
Though it always felt so hard
What I’d give to make a treaty
That would let me play my cards
One more time
So I can find some
Peace of mind

And where did everyone go
The people I used to know
Who were once so close to my heart

We swore we’d never stray
From each other in such a way
That our bonds just couldn’t fall apart

But people just move away
And travel to foreign lands
Everyone seems to have strayed
Far from their plans
And I’ve strayed from mine
And I can’t find no
Peace of mind

And so I thought about her
And that smile she used to wear
Every time I’d stand by her door

We weren’t of the same kind
But true love is always blind
Even so we got stranded on that shore

And I still wonder how she is
And if she ever thinks about me
I’ll never forget her tender kiss
And I still miss her you see
From time to time
So I can’t find no
Peace of mind

Well I’m just an old idealist
That still seems to persist
Through the blaze that have clouded my eyes

Though I’m not going strong
I’m still hanging on
Just trying to touch the sky

Even if I don’t pull through
I’ll know that I’ve tried
’til then you’ll find me on the move
Because the road is what’s worth while
Not the finish line
I travel searching for
Peace of mind

Whatever happened to Sal
He was once my best pal
And we always lived too fast

That was way back when
The rules would always bend
But such a life could never last

He comes back to my mind
As I fall back into that hole
Again I’m walking the same line
And it’s beginning to take it’s toll
One more time
That’s why I find no
Peace of mind

The memories I hold dear
Are of the ones who have been near
And I often think about them all

Some of them are thieves
Some are begging on their knees
For the judgement of God to fall

And I keep a-searching for the route
That makes this life worth living
I’m putting on a brand new suit
And I’m gonna’ keep a-singing
These words of mine
Until I find
My peace of mind