by alexrambler

Another night struggling for some sleep
Another night of counting sheep
I lay down my weary head to rest
But my mind seems to
Paint pictures at best
And by the sounds inside of my mind
I go to where all beauty is confined
Where memories of the future stay

I’m sleepless
During the
Break of day

Stuck inside the memories of old
Stuck in the restlessness taking hold
I open up my eyes yet again
Maddened by this curse
Driving me insane
I long for serenity someday
Just finding that place to fade away
But it’s so very out of sight

I’m sleepless
During the
Long dark night

I’m constantly tired
I tell you
My senses are
Too wired up to
Find a simple
Little dream to stay
In my uneasy head
Every day
I don’t know if
I can recover
Perhaps the
Soft touch of a lover
Or a little help
From the doctor
Can get what’s lost
To reappear

Time to rise up and face the new day
Time to get up in some kind of way
For nothing more than a lousy dime
That won’t buy my need
If you can’t sell time
There is nothing left to do but pray
Lost and confused on this long way
Trying to cope with this in vain

I’m sleepless
I need to
Dream again