You Got To Move Those Feet Around

by alexrambler

I’m on a quest, walking this thin line
I can’t rest until I’ve found where love is kind
I hear no one calling
Things happen to me without a warning
If you’re down and out
Out of luck
Starting to drown
You Got To Move Those Feet Around

I drove in to another dead end street
Took another chance but it wasn’t very sweet
When can this change for me
How could I ever feel complete
Completely bound
Safe and Sound
You Got To Move Those Feet Around

You can always start again but you can’t repeat the past
Time has moved on and it’s never coming back
These feelings in me are driving me to tears
I can’t turn them off cause they’re surrounded by fears
Fears of a world that’s unknown
Tells me I gotta move my feet around

Suddenly you’re on my mind
I can’t get you out if I tried
I’ve urged so long for some contact
Biding my time to get back
Waiting’s fine
‘til you reach the line
When you’re so fuckin’ low
You gotta act
Face yourself and the facts
Put on your shoes
Kick off your blues
Turn everything upside down
You Got To Move Those Feet Around