I’m Stuck

by alexrambler

I’m sad and blue

Just because of you

I’m stuck with a feeling

That won’t let go


I’m torn between worlds

As one who always yearns

I’m stuck with reality

That’s not good enough


Is it right if it’s real?

Is it wrong to feel?

I’m stuck with this hole

I hoped would be full


Is it true what they say?

True love finds a way

I’m stuck with doubt

Tearing me apart


I’ve been hoping for so long

To right my wrongs

I’m stuck with failure

I never seem to learn


And if this is how it must be

In order to be somewhat free

I’m stuck with a tragedy

Two different paths of doubt


Alas I sail again towards the horizon

Seeking again to be enlightened

I’m stuck a with pain so severe

Hoping to choose the right path